Eye Candy: Esmé Shapiro


I discovered Esmé Shapiro’s work while I was sliding down the rabbit hole that is Tumblr. I was mindlessly scrolling through my blogroll, wading through a mess of visual imagery, and all of the sudden the work above completely captivated me. The floral wallpaper print! The joyfully content expressions on the couple! The wonder of that color palatte! Who was this Esmé Shapiro?  The more I saw of her work, the more entranced I became.


Beautiful blues and greens fill up the page, or screen, with pops of bold red, pinks, and oranges. Nature is infused in her imagery, whether in actual flora or through decorative details.


While I was recently weeding picture books, I was pleasantly surprised to see this displayed with the other new books – a quirky and whimsical book by Esmé! It must have been my lucky day.


For more Esmé goodness check out her website and this lovely interview by Julie Danielson (aka Jules) from 7 Impossible Things Before Breakfast.


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