Eye Candy: Fumi Koike’s Illustrations

girl reading

Fumi Koike. Reading a Book.

You guys. Fumi Koike’s illustrations. Just look at them. They are simply divine. What could be more comforting than food and home, nature and dogs? She is a freelance illustrator and designer working in Saitama, Japan. The illustration above is one of my favorites. The bold red scarf brings your eye to the center. The way the women is positioned, the viewer feels as if they are reading over the shoulder of a stranger. The woman isn’t inviting, yet she is alluring. I found another version of this same woman.

woman sans book

Without the book, there’s much more emotional distance between the woman and the viewer. The colors aren’t as bold and the color palette is much cooler. Many of her figure drawings are uninterested in the viewer.


Fumi Koike. Cloudy Weather.

Her still lifes of food,coffee, and clothes are simple and refined. The two prints below have me pining for winter windy days and just a bit of free time.


Fumi Koike. A Mug of Cafe Au Lait.

yellow sweater

Fumi Koike. Yellow Cable Sweater.

Her interiors are full of everyday details. They are relatable and inviting. Fumi mentions that some of her rooms are based on her actual surroundings, while others are just ideas or what she would like to see.


A few of my friends are doing inktober. I’ve been meaning to stretch my lazy bones and challenge myself to create more – knitting my nephew a blanket for Christmas, cooking meals, this blog. These illustrations are definitely an inspiration to start paying attention to my surroundings and make at least a doodle a day.

For more information on Fumi Koike’s illustrations, check out:

This interview

Her Facebook page

A simple Google image search


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