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Ichiro written and illustrated by Ryan Inzana

Sometimes you forget your book at home and are stuck alone in the breakroom, eating a late lunch. This happened to me earlier this week and luckily I work at a library. I quickly browsed the young adult graphic novel section and my eye stumbled upon Ichiro. I thought it was a great story of a boy struggling with cultural identity and dealing with the loss of a father. Ichiro’s story weaves fluidly with Japanese mythologies. One thing that came of this Instagram photo, was the question of the manga genre. I’m pretty sure that manga are comics that are originally published in Japan and are diverse in style (not just Pokemon and Sailor Moon style characters/story). But some folks apply the term to any comics dealing with Japanese culture. What do you think? I would call this a graphic novel. It’s a non-serialized story published in the U.S. But however you want to classify it (manga, graphic novel, comic), it’s a wonderful and interesting story! So check it out.

So a lot of my friends are on the Bloglovin’ train. I’d thought I’d join. It is a great way to keep up with the myriad of blogs that are out there. You can curate your own newsfeed, which is really helpful if you are scatterbrained like me!! I was really surprised at how many of my favorite blogs are on here and excited that I can keep up with them a little bit better.

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