Monday Linkage

labor day weekend


Such a fun labor day weekend!! Friday night, I had all the intention of taking it easy and relaxing, but that definitely didn’t happen. I saw a great movie, The One I Love, an indescribable magical realistic story about relationships. This movie got me thinking and blew me away. I got to take a much needed trip to Fort Worth to see some great friends. Then I helped out with an engagement party and worked a crazy Labor Day at my roommate’s coffee shop. Needless to say, Sunday didn’t feel like Sunday. So here’s what captured my attention this week. One day I’ll try to organize the links better and maybe provide more links (I forget to save them as I find them), but until then:

When I saw this headline, I thought Miles Morales as the Ultimate Spider-Man was getting his own show, but he’s only appearing in an episode. But Donald Glover!!

miles moreales

I remember when Librarian in Black first talked about the new California State Librarian not really being a librarian. She had this update this week. I agree with her on a lot of aspects. Even though I’m somewhat uncomfortable with the “librarian with a capital L mentality”, I think it does belittle the profession that an actual librarian was not appointed. He is taking one class, but there are so many issues and perspectives regarding libraries, that most people don’t think about and one class is not going to help you understand the world of libraries. Alright Greg Lucas, I think this is what most librarians are thinking right now:

impress me

Came across this food for thought sparked by the Milo Manara’s Spider-woman cover: “In superhero comics, a book with a female lead is traditionally much more likely to be targeted at a male audience than a female audience, because almost all superhero comics are targeted at a male audience.” This is why I’m excited about Ms. Marvel and Zita the Spacegirl. These are two refreshing, strong female super-heros. They are also real. They go through insecurities and uncertainty. These characteristics make them relatable.

kamala kahn

Been browsing this website and reading up on young children and new media. Such interesting stuff!! I helped write a grant for a digital storytime and I want to make sure it’s done right. Luckily we’ve got a great team working on it. It’s been so much envisioning and planning.


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