Rebel Time Party – A Doctor Who program

doctor who

This past Friday our library had a Doctor Who program for teens (grade 6-12). Oh gosh, guys…it was simply phenomenal!! I’ve been planning the program little by little throughout the summer and it was amazing to see everything come together at the end. This is the first teen program I’ve planned and I was really happy with it. Our clicker said we had about 23 teens come in, but I’m pretty sure there were at least 30. We had the 11th doctor (complete with bowtie, fez, and suspenders), a dalek (a simple beanie will do the trick), and plenty of t-shirts with Doctor Who sayings and quotes.

The teens flocked to our craft stations first. We had two different crafts: bookmarks and bow-ties. It was a struggle finding crafts that would appeal to teens and wouldn’t be too expensive/time-consuming. We didn’t have much of a budget, so the only thing I purchased for the whole program was broach pins for the bow-ties. For the rest of the supplies, I simply made do with what we had.

Look closely to see my Capaldi-inspired bow tie with some red peeking out

Look closely to see my Capaldi-inspired bow tie with some red peeking out

After crafting for a bit, the teens finally came to the Trivia station (where I was). I scoured the internet for questions and tried to get a good mix of hard and easy question. I was really nervous, but everyone had fun. Groups crowded the table and I simply held the card up, waited for everyone to have a chance to answer and then read the official answer. It was super informal and everyone had fun.

The final station was a mobile green screen that is part of our Teen Digital Creation Space. I definitely had to teach myself Photoshop, which was interesting. I’m an old lady trapped in a young person, I’m not considered that tech-savvy. However, I was proud of teaching myself  a new skill. I’m no pro, but I think the teens will think their pictures are pretty cool.

My lovely, helpful co-workers and me in front of a traveling TARDIS.

My lovely, helpful co-workers and me in front of a traveling TARDIS.

I learned a lot of lessons while planning this program, but one important one was that while  you can build the TARDIS in a day, it’s better to not procrastinate!


Is anyone else super excited to see the Rebel Time Lord, Peter Capaldi, in action? I really liked Christopher Eccleston’s rebellious attitude as the Doctor. I’m hoping to see more of that in Capaldi’s Doctor. August 23rd can’t get here soon enough!!


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