Instareads…a beginning

grasshopper jungle

One of my favorite social media platforms is Instagram and I often post about what I’m reading. I was thinking about incorporating a recurring-themed post into this blog and voila! Instareads- a pairing of what I’ve been enjoying, a little review, and perhaps a food/local business plug.

For this first edition, I thought I would do a run-down of a few of my recent favorite reads.

Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith (pictured above)

One of my favorite reads this past summer!! I had heard of Winger when it first came out, but never got around to picking it up. Fast forward to early June and a co-worker encouraged me to check out Grasshopper Jungle. Goodness gracious! It’s simply fantastic. A great sci-fi, coming of age novel. I described it to a friend as a group of confused horny teenagers and even more confused horny, primal mutant grasshoppers. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but certainly mine.


Saga (volume 3) by Brian K. Vaughan, artwork by Fiona Staples

A friend had told me to read this story a couple of times before I finally delved in. Holy moly! I read all three volumes available in the library in a day…it’s that good. I then read it again to process the whole story. Afterwards, the only words I could come up with to describe it are blunt, beautiful, and inspiring. I finished the third volume at The Corner Market, a coffee shop/deli down the street from me. They had the most delicious peach/walnut salad. Yum!


Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley

I had Seconds on hold at the library, but a co-worker lent me her copy so I wouldn’t have to wait. I really enjoyed the story and I think that is because it was pretty realistic. Yeah, there was the house spirit and the second chance mushrooms, which lends the story to magical realism. However, the main plot deals with a young woman struggling with making her dream come true. The Max character made me roll my eyes, but I know plenty of friends who have had a Max in their life, and I’m sure I have too. I read this story with a bowl of cheerios and glass of champagne…the breakfast of champions! Or the breakfast of people still figuring things out…

Check back in to see what I’m reading!


2 thoughts on “Instareads…a beginning

  1. I’m so, so happy that you (so far) love Andrew Smith like I do! I finished Grasshopper Jungle and immediately started it over again. Soooo excited about his next book coming out in less than a month!!! And Saga is great. I guess I need to check out Seconds at some point. Also, I totally approve of that breakfast!

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