Reading Nooks – a fantasy

The other day during my lunch break at work, I was simply enjoying some belly nourishment and a good story. It suddenly hit me that this was the first job I’ve ever had, where I didn’t feel pressure to socialize during my lunch break.  Every so often, I’ll go out to lunch with a co-worker, but I like that I have the option to simply curl up with whatever book I’m reading and get lost for a bit. I looked around me and everybody else was engrossed in their own stories. Some people had kindles, some were listening to audiobooks, and many were holding a physical book. There were the bestseller names (Baldacci, Patterson, etc.), book club reads, magazines, and stories old and new. I obviously found myself in the perfect job!

Our breakroom  has pretty comfortable couches and chairs, but after lunch, in a food coma daze, I started to fantasize about different reading nooks. I used to want to be an interior decorator and would create layouts for different houses. All of my blueprints included a library, because of course everyone has a massive amount of books. I usually envisioned floor to ceiling book shelves that required a sliding ladder. In my future home design, I apparently thought I would be really rich and fancy…a grand clear plexiglass winding staircase was something I thought would be feasible. I also thought my library would have a big tree structure in the middle of the two story room. A cut out would be at the bottom and there would be a reading nook at the base of the tree. Yeah…so that probably be happening anytime soon, but a girl can dream!

Here are a few reading nooks I’ve lusted over. What is your ideal reading environment? Minimalist or cozy? Does it depend on the type of story you are enjoying?

round window
I’ve always been intrigued by a round window! Natural light is a must in my ideal reading nook.

secret nook

Imagine a secret entryway to your reading nook…how cool that would be!!

ladder and staircase

sliding ladder and winding staircase. Yes please!


This is the closest thing I could find to my tree reading nook idea…


A comfy chair is a necessity in any reading nook environment. I really like this fun floral print mustard one!


Now I’m really tempted to simply create a tee-pee reading nook area our piano room.


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